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[1]  How do you plant the Daylily?
      PLANTING: Dig a trench 5 inches deep and set the plants 8 to 10 inches apart, close the trench and firm the soil. Place a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer around the plant.

[2] What do I do to take care of my plants?

      WEEDING: Remove the weeds and grass from between the rows and around your plants. The first year is when the most weeding will take place. The plants will double and triple and spread wide and crowd out most of the weeds. Leave the plants grow for 3 years before dividing them. After 3 years dig them up and divide then into single plants again and replant them. Water you plants when needed.

      SELLING: People are collectors, they want some of every variety. A small ad in the local paper and a sign on a post in your yard will attract customers, they are your best advertizers. A beautiful display garden near the road is a teriffic help. Don't forget to Show and Tell.

       WORK:  You are the boss. You work when you want to. It is fun to grow beautiful flowers,especially when all the money is yours now and in the future.

       AN IDEA:  Most people start with 100 plants and sell half when the order arrives to get back there initial investment. They plant the other half and start their business. Others plan to retire in a few years, so they order 1000 or more and have a good retirement growing in their flower garden.