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                                                         MAKING MONEY IS EASY!!!

    Start Your Own Business and double your worth every year. It is easy to grow rich and you can have it all when you grow Daylilies.

      You cannot keep doubling your money, but Nature works for free, and keeps doubling Daylilies.There is no limit to the number you can plant, and you are worth twice as much each year. Doubling is 100% Profit. Harvest the increase and pocket the money.

      Start Your Own Business, Spare time or full time-a Family business or partnership. Keep your job and get your pension, and have a nice nest egg growing in your garden for when you get unemployed or retire. Be your own boss. Work when you want to. Make the bisiness as big as you want it.

      100 plants in ten years will increase to over 100'000 plants and at retail are worth about
$ 420,000.00. All you need is a shovel, hoe, and a garden spot. All Informatiom Is Free. Selling Daylilies is the easiest part. Millions of people like flowers and when they see the blooms up to 8 inches wide, they will want some of every variety and ask to buy them.

      Every Garden should have some of these perennial plants. They grow in any soil.  Sandy loam is best but if you keep them watered they will grow just about anywhere. Plant anytime. They grow into large clumps with hundreds of blooms. Dig them up after 3 years and divide into single plants and replant them.

                                               WHOLESALE INFORMATION

      A Minimum Wholesale Order Is: 100 plants in multiples of 5 or more plants per variety. The wholesale price per plant is $ 2.25 each plus $ 5.00 shipping per order.
 A 6% sales tax is also charged for all Michigan residents. There is no sales tax charged for residents of other states. A 25% deposit  or payment in full is require when ordering plants. All orders must be paid in full before delivery will be made. You can contact us at  [517]  539-4002, or if you prefer  to contact us by E-Mail, our E-Mail address is as follows.

      The Hybrid Daylily originated by hybridizers who crossed pollen from the Wil Tiger Lily, that you have seen growing in the roadside ditches. They plant the seed and produce the new varieties called Hybrid Daylilies. These plants are available in a great assortment of colors and blends, sizes from dwarf to tall. The flowers vary from two inches to the enormous size of eight inches wide.

      Daylilies are perennial. You plant them once and they stay in the ground over the winter. They keep comming up every year in greater numbers.